Bent Copper

Bent Copper #2 cThis stunning lifesize sculpture was originally modelled in clay before being moulded and cast using 1p and 2p coins. A male life model was observed and through the study of anatomy and careful measurement, the clay torso was constructed. The pose of the model had a slight twist to accentuate the overall form of the subject, and create a more dynamic piece. The clay study was taken and used to create the final piece, maintaining its original form and detail.

After being exhibited at the Bargate Monument Gallery in Southampton, the sculpture was displayed at the Southampton Boat Show. Here it drew a crowd of people who were fascinated by the man made of coins. Being a very tactile piece, people couldn't help touching the scaly, metallic surface.

'Bent Copper' is suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces. If placed outdoors, over time the copper will age and change colour creating another unique effect. It is the perfect piece to create a talking point in any garden or home and has also proved to be a popular sculpture within corporate spaces.

In 2014 the 4th edition of Bent Copper was created for a prestigious sculpture exhibition in the sub-tropical garden of Sausmarez Manor in Guernsey. This is an annual show displaying sculptures by artists from all over the world.

There is a limited edition of 10 Bent Copper sculptures.




Price:  £3500

Edition:  4/10

Dimensions:  80 x 50 x 30 cm  (height x width at shoulders x depth)

Weight:  Approx. 30kg